Mailbag for 5.11.2011

Mail from Daryl:

Hi Jason I just want to let you know that just because you have Asperger Syndrome doesn’t mean you are different. My name is Daryl and I am in the 12th grade and in Psychology we watched a video that had you on it and I saw the way the people would look at you and I just want to say don’t let them bring you down because what I saw was an intelligent person and you look really happy. You have just as much right to be here as the rest of us. You seem pretty cool and don’t let people bring you down ok I may not know about Asperger Syndrome but I do know people should treat you with respect. have a nice day Jason 🙂

Thank you Daryl!! I really appreciate all of your support and respect for me. I am very happy you enjoyed and learned something from the This Emotional Life series on PBS. People like you should spread your feelings to others to give every one respect because you are a very smart person too. I agree with you partly, but feel we are all different yet the same. God Bless you and be well!



Mail from Julie:

I just wanted to say that your story is just so inspirational. It touched on the loneliness that I feel to the core and it’s hard to believe that others have felt or feel the same way. I do not have aspergers but I have been diagnosed with some social disorders. I always feel like I don’t understand and can’t relate to other people- it’s just pure awkwardness. I’ve always felt lost and like a black sheep in this world. I see that there is hope and that it is something to continuously work on. Now that I have found your website I look forward to following your blog. All the Best!

Thank you,

Dear Julie,

I want to thank you for being a follower of my blog and giving me much support from your kind words. Sometimes it is good to be the odd one out and we should always feel good about what we can bring to society. We should know that what we give to the world will be just as unique and creative as other people. Never doubt yourself with what you can do because you are special like any one else is. I hope you continue to read my blog and find who you are to make your mark.

Best regards,


Mail from Amanda:

Hi Jason. I am a high school teacher and have been teaching about aspergers. I loved hearing about your story and found your sight. I wanted to mention that I thought your blog was very inspirational especially the one about how ”no one can make you be their tool” in life. Thank you for blessing us with thoughts on your life. Also, I love Chloe! I have a lhasa apso named Mocha. Take care,

Dear Amanda,

I am glad you are educating your students about the Autism Spectrum especially Aspergers. I thank you for being a fan of my site and the many blessings my fans like you give me each day. Chloe thanks you for your love of her. She is lying down near the steps now waiting to get her teeth brushed and just chilling. It is good to hear about other dogs too and sometime in the future I’d like to put up a post about showing my fans pets. Animals give us a better sense of who we are, always remember that!!

Yours truly,


Mailbag from Dan:

Hi Jason,

My name is Dan…I’m 24, live in Australia.

I just finished watching the first part of the ‘The Emotional Life’
documentary. I found the part covering Asperger Syndrome extremely
interesting. Partly due to the fact that at my previous place of employment
(an internet service provider), there was this girl who a lot of people
found quite annoying and distracting. Of course, it’s easy to just not like
someone without wondering if there is a reason or a problem that they have
causing this issue. A colleague mentioned that he heard that she had
‘something called Aspergers’, something of which I knew absolutely nothing
about and didn’t take in one bit. I can’t remember how he found out, but it
was something he wanted kept quiet as he wasn’t meant to know.

Only now, after watching this story, do I now understand why she was like
that way. I now feel quite terrible for snobbing her off the way I did (she
was seated directly next to me). Your story on the documentary has opened up
my eyes to her world. All her actions and stories all fall into place now.
If only I had known of the syndrome when I was working with her, then maybe
our friendship could have been something different.

You mentioned your blog site in the segment, so I thought I’d drop in and
say hi. The documentary just opened up my eyes to another persons personal
life who is struggling with a syndrome such as this, as opposed to my easy
going, well blessed life that I live. I couldn’t go by without contacting
you and applauding you in your courage to keep on going through life and
learning what many of us take for granted.

Good luck and well done on the documentary.

Kind Regards,


Dear Dan,

Thank you very much for watching the series, This Emotional Life, on PBS, I really appreciate your effort watching me and reading my blog. I found your email very interesting because you had mentioned about your former co-worker who has Asperger syndrome. I am glad you understand about the Autism Spectrum better now because it is important to understand it so that you can become better friends with someone on the Autism Spectrum such as Aspergers. It is very hard when people on the Autism Spectrum get snubbed by the rest of the world. Now that you know about the Autism Spectrum, you can take that experience knowing from your past, to befriend someone else you may meet who has Aspergers or anywhere on the Autism Spectrum. You should always know we are all different and unique in this world and no body should ever feel snubbed even if you may not get along with that person. We are all continuously learning each day to be a better person. I am glad you have learned from this experience. Always remember when we feel helped, we should help others too, but first should help ourselves!!

God Bless you and be well,


(posting more soon)


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