Mailbag for 3.4.2011

Mailbag from Marie:

Hi Jason,
My name is Marie and I saw you interviewed in a video that I watched in my psychology class. Your story interested me so I choose to do my research project on aspergers syndrome. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions? What is the hardest thing about having aspergers and where do you find help or comfort for that? Also what day to day activities are most challenging for you and how do you get past these challenges. Thank you so much!

Dear Marie,

Please accept my apology for taking so long to respond to your letter. I will try to answer your questions in the best way I can.
What is the hardest thing about having Aspergers? Where to do find help and comfort for that? What day to day activities are most challenging for you and how do you get past these challenges?

I have a difficult time connecting and interacting with new people in my life. Most people look at me and think I am stupid. They think that I have odd mannerisms, don’t think I know what I’m talking about and basically look down at me. I have lived most my life being bullied in some way. The bullying continues into my adult life at work, interacting with friends or colleagues. These situations occur on a daily basis. I have been ridiculed, been the target of pranks and basically treated as a child not an adult. Another difficulty that I face is my body’s sensory system. When I wake up each morning it takes my sensory system a long time to adjust to my body moving, the sounds and smells of the new morning. This includes simple things like brushing my teeth, taking a shower, and getting dressed. The sounds, the water on my body, drying myself, etc causes my sensory system to react in odd, and peculiar sensations that is very uncomfortable. When I go to sleep at night it takes me at least 3 or more hours to shut my sensory system down. By that time of the day my sensory system is at its most heightened point. It is very frustrating to relax and fall asleep like everyone else. It frustrates me because I can feel tired mentally, but my body is not ready. Day to Day activities can be very challenging for me at times as you can see. My feeling is I would like a job doing research rather than spend time trying to be with so many different people at once which is overwhelming for me.

Mail from Cody:

I just saw ”This Emotional Life” on Netflix and the first section leading about the adopted children hit home with me. However, as I continued watching and saw the part about you. Needless to say you are a huge inspiration not only to those who suffer from the different spectrums of Autism, but to all of us. I am awkward in social situations quite frequently because I am terrible at reading peoples facial expressions. I just wanted to let you know how inspiring you are to people everywhere and after reading your blog I can’t wait for you to be published so I can buy your books!

Dear Cody,
I really appreciate your kind words and I am glad I have inspired you from the show. Keep on trying to live your niche and don’t worry so much about interacting in social situations because that’s what I have been doing in my life lately. I have learned just being yourself is the best the world wants out of anyone. I am still slowly working on the book and I hope to move faster with it. Have a good weekend and be well!


Mail from Alice:

Dear Jason,
I just would like let you know. Your are like a superman.If you don’t mind may i put your story or link to Taiwan. I would like to let taiwanese people know your story and you have lovely family to support. I will enjoy and check you blog eveyday. Have a nice day.


Dear Alice,

Thank you for writing to me and watching the show. “This Emotional Life” is for anyone to be able to help and support each other in our lives. I am glad so many people in the world like yourself have discovered the show and want to use it for comfort. You are one of those stars in the sky who saw the show and I think its incredible how many more stars there are who love what they saw. Superman signing off for now.

Be blessed,



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