Mail Bag from Kim

Today’s mail comes from Kim.

Hello Jason, I found your site while watching the PBS documentary ”This Emotional Life”. I found your contribution to the film very genuine and courageous. I admire people who pursue happiness in spite of their troublesome situations.

The name of your website hit close to home for me. I’m a Mom who has a 14 yr old son, who, no doubt, I love dearly… Still at times I feel like he is driving me crazy. The documentary helped me see that maybe, just maybe he’s not doing it all on purpose. He seems to have difficulties understanding boundries, and truly appreciating what others are communicating to him. It may be that he has a mild form of aspergers that has been over-looked because he is higly functioning in so many ways.

Thanks again for sharing your story. I’ll be checking in on your blog from time to time, and I want you to know that I wish you the best of success as you move forward and pursue your goals in life. Be well, be safe. 🙂

I decided to post this email I received because this person made think about what it was like before I received my diagnosis. Before becoming diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the person who will be diagnosed does not understand himself or herself yet and is perceived to be driving mom (or people) crazy! The people around who have never read up on ASD before will perceive the person as an oddball. That is why its important to get evaluated to see if the child should be considered to have ASD or some other diagnosis. However, any diagnosis does not define a person, but at the same time allows any one to be who they are without feeling bad for themselves. Although some people who are diagnosed with an ASD feel even worse than before they were given it. Does that mean every one feels the same way? No! It just means every one wants different things in life. Some people like being different while others do not. It all depends on your background history before the diagnosis.

Anyway, I really appreciate the thoughtful words Kim expressed to me about being on the show telling me I was ‘courageous’ and ‘admiring me for it’. I know many people who have told me the same. In the moment of this letter I have to admit I like feeling different. It makes feel like I can achieve anything by concentrating on skills I enjoy, learn, and even create things each day.

Always be who you are and never doubt yourself or feel down that you can’t do it. Even if you are a parent struggling to raise your ASD child, always remember to learn what makes your child tick and what makes your child enjoy life. Every one enjoys their life differently as long as it does not hurt ourselves or anyone else or overstep boundaries. Thank you for your email, Kim!

I will be posting more mail bag soon and other posts as well,


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