Inspiration and Mailbag for 8.24.2011

Before the next mailbag for today, I want every one to answer my most recent poll question. The inspirational statement for today is to be gutsy!! Always go out in to society to strive to be better…and I know this is something I need to work on to, but I’ll say it anyway to help me too “STOP PROCRASTINATING!!”

Here is the mailbag:::

Mail from Michelle:

Hi Jason,

I am writing to you because I am inspired by you story. My brother at age 30 was just diagnosed with Asperger’s Autism and ADHD. For 30 years my family has been struggling with my brother not know what exactly was going on with him or even know what to do. It has been a big adjustment for all of us (some easier than others). I found your story so inspirational and provides a lot of hope for his future. He is currently unemployed and seeking psychiatric help for his issues. Can you give me some advice that I can pass along to my family as far as how we can be of better support to my brother? Did you under go a ”train the brain” program? What types of treatment did you undergo to help you understand the world better and also become successful in becoming an ultrasound technician? Any advice would be helpful. Also, did your parents join any support groups?

Thanks so much!


Dear Michelle,

I really appreciate you writing to me about your brother who was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s/Autism/ADHD after 30 years of your family trying to figure what is different about your brother.  He is a special and unique person just like any one else is and can do great things in life as long as he gets help in the beginning. Allow your brother to enjoy his interest(s) and help him develop it to become a career he can make money with.

First off, I just want to tell you that your brother should not feel embarrassed, ashamed, or guilty of who he is. Most of my help I had was from my mother who constantly worked with me to train me to be a good person who knows when to do things at the right times.  She helped me and as I still live with her and my father, she is always a guide by side to help me figure out situations and people I come in contact with.  When I was younger I was also misdiagnosed many times and as a child even though I was not diagnosed anywhere on the Autism Spectrum,  I felt I was being taught skills I needed that most people who are on the autistic spectrum receive like speech therapy, social skills training, and I even had a drama therapy group I attended when I was 11. I always had a hoarse voice at home when I would talk and outside the home I rarely, if ever, talked.  All throughout my school years into college, I had special education classes in the beginning and later on, resource room while being mainstreamed.  I had a reading tutor when I was a toddler through parts of elementary school too.

Now since I am an adult who received a diagnosis in my 20’s, I may seem very functional due to my background learning experiences especially with my mom.  She must have spent a couple hours a day working with me from childhood through the present time.  A few years back I joined the Adaptations group at the JCC manhattan which has transformed my life even more.  Now my mom does not seem as pressured to train me to a good person as much because the Adaptations program is taking part in it too. Although I am always trying to make bigger and better strides in life by helping as many people as I can whether it is through working on a patient on an Ultrasound or someone else on the autism spectrum or another disability.  Whatever it is, I am intended to do in my life, I think the greatest achievement will be to spread what my mom did for me to help others become better people, self-advocates, and enjoy life better by accepting who they are.

My mom is my biggest help in my life, but eventually I need to do it on my own spreading her words.

Yours truly,


Mail from Patricia:

Dear Jason,
I was wondering, when you were invited along with your family for the TV special: The Emotional Life, if you knew that you would touch so many people’s life and would make so much difference, did you know it ?!
Yesterday this special was broadcast in Brazil, where I live. I can tell you that Brazil is a wonderful country, joyful and full of friendly people, stunning places and a splendid nature. But also a country with many social problems and many people needing help without knowing where to start looking for. Brazil is a very big country, and even we’re living in 21st century, information take long to arrive.
And in this chaos the TV has an important role, because it causes information to reach for many in a short time.
Yesterday the valuable contribution and sweet words of encouragement that you have gave with your interview for the TV documentary reached many of these people so lacking in understanding and enlightenment in my country.
Everybody who watched the documentary was touched by your story, your family, parents and siblings.
You should be proud to make the difference.
That’s how I met your blog and also discovered a writer, a poet, an enthusiast of the blood system, a strong and determined man who wants to help and to share.
I can’t stop reading your posts, they’re so interesting !
So, that’s it.
I just stopped by to tell you that now you have many brazilian friends and fans too !
I wish you all best in life, specially heath, because anything else is very clear to me that you will achieve if you really want it because you’re a fighter!
XOXO from your Brazilian friend,

Dear Patricia,

I didn’t know I was going to touch so many people’s lives as much as I already have. Actually I was told my part in the series came out very well and inspiring from the producers.  The first night the show came on, I started receiving many emails of people emailing me how much I am an inspiration and that shocked me. I also felt very intrigued to read all the emails I got.  All of them made me cry and yours especially. I am very happy you have considered me as a man who made a difference in so many people’s lives including you and the people of Brazil. I really appreciate everything you do say and appreciate everything you love about my posts on DMC. I won’t stop writing any of these posts. In fact, I have many ideas for posts coming in the future like being able to JUST DO IT without procrastinating, a later post coming soon.

Thank you for all of your support, friendship, and being a fan of my blog!! In addition thank you for watching the PBS special This Emotional Life. I am glad I helped out the citizens of Brazil who so desperately needed help in their social problems. I hope the people of Brazil can be able to live their life better now and in the future.  I am glad every one learned something from me, but most importantly I learned something from you.

Best regards,

Mail from Nicky:


I was watching This Emotional Life on Netflix and came across your story and your blog. I just wanted to tell you how inspiring you are with your positivity and your passion to become who you ’AUT’ to be! I also saw the part where you talked about becoming an ultrasound tech… I’m currently a sophomore training to be an x-ray tech, so I can truly appreciate how difficult the learning process and materials are. I also think it’s incredibly special that you work in a field where you have to interact with your patients to help them, and hopeful in turn they help you.
I originally wanted to watch this series because I suffer from chronic clinical depression and hoped that the show would inspire me and bring me some insight into how important feelings and relationships are. Thank you for being such a wonderful role model for people everywhere! I wish you the very best. 🙂


Dear Nicky,

I think you are an incredible person because you want to enter a field to help people as well.  In life, we have to strive for the very best and don’t ever forget that. I wish you all the luck in the world to become a great Radiologic Technician and may be some day you will want to do Ultrasound too, :)!! Thank you for all of your support and I really appreciate all of your kind words about me. Hope you become a superstar in the medical field!!!

Thank you for all of your support of my blog and for watching This Emotional Life.

All the best,


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