In terms of endearment: The fiction story of Avrila and Apelarto continue

Sitting on a curb off the streets of the Bronx, a young boy stares at the many cars which pass by him. The people who walk by look down at Apelarto splashing water on his face as he does not move or make a sound. He just continues to observe the many cars driving down its bustling concourse. Once he decides to get up finally, his jacket soaked in water from people stepping in a puddle splashing the rest of the water on him, he begins to walk forward toward the sidewalk. He sees his older siblings walking back home after school. His brother yells out “Hey Ap, what happened to you? You looked soaked! Why were you sitting on that curb again?” Apelarto just ignored him and stared in to his face, then his brother says “What are you deaf? Did you hear me?” His siblings begin poking fun at their weird youngest brother. Apelarto walks the other direction where he sees his adopted sister Avrila walking with his mother Camille. Camille had just walked Avrila to the local grocery store. When she sees her son all wet, she becomes enraged saying “Oh great, now you need to take a bath. You look filthy!” Avrila seems to be staring in to space when she says her first word she ever spoke to her new mom since she’s been here, “There’s a old lady walking over to us and she is crying. She says ‘she knows she made mistakes and is sorry she broke the dishes.” Camille looks in that direction, but sees nothing. She begins to feel scared that her new adopted daughter and son are crazy.

However, when they get back to the apartment, she sees her mother lying dead on the floor with broken dishes splattered everywhere. Camille begins weeping with a river of tears. Avrila runs to her room and says nothing more. Apelarto notices her mother is very upset and gives her a big hug. As he hugs his mother, his mom feels better because her youngest son never did that before. As soon as her son let’s go, Camille runs to call 911 to report the unexpected death of her mom who must of had a heart attack. Her father is in his room crying because he just lost the love of his life. Camille walks in to the room to ask her father “how long since she passed?” The father slowly tells her “Only about five minutes before you came in to the apartment.” 5 minutes ago Avrila told Camille that she saw an old lady telling her about dishes being broken. Camille could not see any woman walking down the street before. She begins to weep harder and her father slowly asks his daughter, “What’s the matter? Give me a hug my princess.” Avrila walks through the grandfather’s bedroom door hugging her new mom and grandfather. She whispers in their ears “I love you.” Apelarto sees this through the doorway and smiles. Avrila who can see her brother smiling back let’s go of her grandfather and mother to give her brother a hug too. As the two strange siblings walk back to their bedroom, they feel proud of how they handled the situation. They have been seeing the two therapists for about 3 weeks and they know how to handle themselves better.

Two weeks later after the funeral of grandma, Avrila talks about the situation with the psychologist. The psychologist was proud of how Avrila handled the situation and how she does not seem to be crazy to her mom as she was before. Avrila had taken a moment to tell her mom her secret without feeling saddened and speechless by it. Apelarto spoke to the psychologist separately who is trying to help him be aware of his feelings for others and knowing how to be successful as a healer.

(The story move on soon)

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