How connecting to others truly heals us!

We spin around, we fly, we live, …so to speak. Life is a journey getting ready to fly, but we don’t really fly our whole life. How do we get there? Well, we have to LIVE a fulfilled life filled with love, passion to do good, being who we ‘AUT’ to be, and earning a living.

Our energy brings us to the one thing we all love doing for the rest of our life, but some people resist that energy. There are many ways to helping others. Some people are doctors while others can heal in other ways. Some people are meant to give tests for the doctors while some are meant to heal a disconnection among others like what Steve Jobs did with the iPHONE/iPAD. Some people are just meant to listen and give advice. Some people are meant to build things, create, or invent. Most importantly we are all meant for something to do no matter what it may be.

Healing is very important whether you can heal with your hands in surgery or heal with your body or heal with your mind or just heal with your energy. Energy can be unique, but in a lot of ways very strong. There is good energy and there is bad energy. When developing our own energy, we should be aware of our feelings and emotions. If you are afraid, angry and in denial, your energy will be filled with a strong sense of resistance to society. If you are accepting and non-judgmental, then you will have a strong sense of liberty to fly anywhere, figuratively, to an area that fills your heart up.

When connecting to others, you must find a way to connect to them by going in to their world to learn about them even for just a few minutes a day. This may be hard for many people to do especially when trying to connect to a person with a disability. When someone has a disability, others need to find a way to connect and learn from the person who is struggling more than they are. Once you connect with your friend, your family member, or your spouse with a disability then and only then will you know how that person may truly feel. Some people who have a disability don’t want to be changed loving their world, while others want to be like every one else. Being who you ‘Aut’ to be means being the person you are and want to become.

Think about this idea for a moment: We all are living and breathing on this earth, but we all think and look alike. We all strive for the same things, do the same things to make a living, and contribute in the same way. How would you really feel about society? Well, in the 1940’s we fought World War II because we didn’t want every one to be the same. We wanted Diversity, Neurodiversity, without even thinking about those words.

Now think about our society today: Every one looks different, thinks different, and contributes to society in a different productive manner.

Think about these concepts for just a few minutes today, then walk to some friend, relative, family member, or spouse trying to connect to their world. It does not matter what label that person has. Once you do this, write down a list about what you learned by connecting to their world even if the person has a disability like being on the autism spectrum. Once you do this, you will realize the first step in healing because of the connection you started. Negative emotions begin within anyone because people lack connections with others.

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but more posts coming soon…


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One thought on “How connecting to others truly heals us!

  1. She Traces

    Hi J, I saw you on the PBS Special last night (I got the DVD) and I wanted to come and support your writing! Your story is very inspirational and I can’t wait to read more of your posts and to share them with others to spread awareness.

    Keep typing!