Get Well Steve Jobs and come back even better than EVER!!

Steve Jobs took a medical leave yesterday and I hope his cancer did not come back, but many people feel this way. I want to wish Steve Jobs many blessings because I can relate to him. Steve Jobs’ bouts with health problems are more substantial and serious. He was not as lucky as I was. I just hope he is lucky now.

I have been lucky enough as most of you already know on DMC, to have had caught a very early stage of a mass on the tail of the pancreas which was removed at the end of 2008 with my spleen (Making me Spleenless OOPS I mean Speechless) Although I need to continuously watch myself annually since I have pancreatic and liver cysts as well. I am thankful my health is in good standing now.

Every thing happens for a reason and I just hope luck turns out just as well for Steve Jobs as it does for me. We shall wait and see. The Apple corporation has been thriving for years since Steve Jobs became the CEO of the company for the second time. The Apple corporation assigned an interim CEO during Steve Jobs’ medical leave. I just hope no matter what happens Steve Jobs always stays strong and remains positive.

My motto has always been to remain positive and follow inspiration in your life that will lead you in the right direction. There are many things occurring in my life now and I am wondering which direction to go in. Do I do this or I do that? That is the question!

I hope every one has a good day and I will be posting very soon…


Ancient Symbols for Luck and Good Health:

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