Birthdays can turn out to be the opposite of what you intent and what a Great Autistic Pride Day 2011

Birthdays are a celebration, but for a good majority of the birthday, it is a day to reflect on the previous year.  Each day we live to feel happy and inspired to do the many things we feel we can do, but happiness can only be achieved when we give and take love from our inner most self treasure of who we are as a person.  Otherwise we feel shame, guilt, anger, and can’t move on with our lives a way forward.  It is a remarkable journey through our minds to remember this.  Some people may not believe that there is a higher being out there, but that is just their problem to a whole other level.   Pain is indigenous wherever we go.  It is like a knife which twists and turns inside of us stronger and stronger unless we have the strength to pull it out. My Birthday yesterday began as a reflection of the past year and learning about ways to excite and connect to the future. We only live once in a lifetime and need to feel empowered to be who we AUT to be otherwise we feel neglected, shameful, angry, and sad. Autistic Pride Day every year on June 18 is a blessing to help everyone understand, every one not just Neurotypicals, can live their life. People are too conscious to feeling shame, remorse, anger, guilt, and sadness. There is no reason for this. We should be feeling love for why we are here and what we can do to be in this society. Some people on the Autism Spectrum need more help to be in this society. Instead of finding ways to make these people more like others, every one should be starting to connect to these people on the Autism Spectrum who are struggling to be who they are. It is true some people on the Autism Spectrum have many seizures and more sensory problems, but this does not mean they can not succeed. Take a look at people with Tourette Syndrome who become surgeons or people with Epilepsy who can actually do incredible things like teach. The only reason why some people on the Autism Spectrum are not connecting well with people well in to their functional adult lives is because there are other Neurotypical people grieving and not embracing who we are. Every one should be living to conduct the orchestra to sway love and positive forces to help ourselves as well as whoever needs more help from the very beginning to enjoy successes and enjoy life. How can any one sway the orchestra in this direction? By not feeling angry, upset, shame, or guilt… Human beings are people and people are not perfect, but we are here to learn and move forward, not back. I am on the Autism Spectrum, but being on the Autism Spectrum we also have many gifts and have more strengths to give to the world. If you are a parent or a professional, you should know Autism is just a reflection and does not mean we can’t succeed at any one thing. I hope every one learned and enjoyed Autistic Pride Day and look forward to Autistic Pride Day 2012!!

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