A Week of physical illness and now I feel more gratified reflecting on who I am

As I sit my room reflecting on a horrified week of how a stomach virus almost wiped me out completely, I am hearing a song on the radio; “You Gotta Be” by DES’REE. So, this past week I was sick. I had not written a post and most of you were probably thinking “What’s going on?” I have been reflecting this morning on what new future endeavors I can actually pursue building my future.

Sometimes I think about this song “What’s Up?” by 4 Non-Blondes because it really takes the words right out of my mouth, WHAT’S UP?!! I think about who I am and what I can do for this world. Does what a single person’s words have so much influence over so many people?

A golden stroke of genius of blogging is bringing forth the golden opportunity to let all our voices and stories be heard. Some people question it while other people love it, but it is a remarkable dream come true. After saying for 1 week I will be silent, it truly did happen because I was sick for a whole week. OMG, how wicked is that! I can’t believe it, I was actually taken seriously…

Here I am, this is me, I am here to start a new era, a new day, and my new idea, A new concept for you all to understand: Integrity for All not just Acceptance!

We have the right to live to be who we are, who we ‘AUT’ to be, who we WANT to be, and who we CAN BE!!!

Is not fair when people are given limitations to what they are and CAN do? If someone is given a gift, they have to honor that gift and make every one proud of what they received. The gift should help spread love, acceptance, integrity, and moving forward in time to the special roads leading us home at the end. Special directions tell us all roads lead to home, but only 1 road leads us their safely with less bumps.

What we need to contribute to the world is just a little bit more love than we have given in the past. Smile, every thing will be OK! Finding what your niche in society is important. Working builds confidence and working always ensures after doing a passionate job that every one can have fun later. Some people can be in the medical field while others different things. Can every one be an Ultrasound Tech? No. Can every one read Auras? No. Can every one find their inner spirit? YES. Can every one find the purpose in life? YES. Can every one earn a living? Of Course.

From this way forward I hope you hold on to that Integrity, bring on the Love, Give your Acceptance of any one you meet in this world who needs to know they are Human too.

posting more this week,


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