A vision of Harmony

by J.S.R (theamazinJ)

A vision of harmony
of joy and justice
living in the spree
of gold and diamonds.
A feeling for ourselves
reaching our goals
brings us a spectrum of being
and living
on a spectrum of
this thing called ‘Autism’.
Dropping by and
calling it quits
may be just as well
be a darkness of twit
or better yet
bursting with fire.
Be yourself and be proud
’cause one day
you can make us all
Never leave yourself
behind ’cause one day
you won’t be defined.
Jump for joy and
live your life in
an instant of
our moment’s spice.
But no matter what
you do or what you say,
Live your life all the way!
Thank you for your
personal attention
as I sign off from
this Earth’s creation.
I fly to my home with my
wings so big
and go to the kingdom
which is forever in
our hearts to talk
about all our livelihood.
Hope you’ll like all I’ll
say after I am old and gray.
I thank you now and I thank you
then for all the good times to
begin. Be Well and Be Happy.

(I hope you liked the poem I just wrote!)


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