A Spectrum of Many Colors

A Spectrum of Many Colors,
By J.S.R.

Something happens to me
while I hear something in the distance,
it’s following me
waiting for me to respond as I stand there,
the great virtues life has to offer.
I feel the urges to deploy
my greatest fears
but the greatest fears
are the confrontation
society faces each day.
Things happen to eject
ourselves from these
remarkable feelings.

Do we go 1 way or the other way?
Can we actually experience this dream of harmony?
Can we deport ourselves from living incredulously confrontational?
What about time?
Can time dictate to us what we can do for happiness?
Are people really climbing through the moral hills of ups and downs?
Why can’t people accept who they are?
Are people really depressed over who they really are?

I listen to the incongruence of society’s ways.
Feeling out of place and hurtful is one thing,
but feeling like we can do something productive is another.
Some people feel they are suffering,
while other people know they are not.
What is suffering?
Is there a way to teach any one not to think about themselves this way?
Suffering is relative to the person who thinks it.
Now we join together converging into the light
forming a spectrum of many colors
ready to bloom,
a spectrum so wide, but narrow.
Colors which represent who we are as a person.
Colors which represent our moods,
our life,
our taste for a better tomorrow.
Its time for us,
Us and only us,
pure and simple
living in a society who cooperates,
and give us the present time
to become the person we all are.
Come one, come all, move forward to the
lamppost in the forest which helps guide us home
in our hearts allowing ourselves to do what is right.
Happiness is a goal for all of us,
but the guiding light toward happiness takes
a lifetime to achieve.
Happiness gives us power,
and is achieved when we know who we
are and accept every thing that we can do
to live in this world.
It can be hard to feel this strength,
to feel it brick by brick,
but what is more important than not,
is feeling the incredible direction we’d like to go.
People fail much to achieve their goals, but
it must be done, it has to be done, it’s imperative to be done.
On a larger note,
be who you AUT to be!

And there I stand, standing in the forest,
the voice getting closer to me as a woman
approaches me beginning to take my hand
walking through the forest until we
reach the edge of a lake where a
waterfall ends.
She points at the waterfall as she splashes a rock in to
the lake,  my eyes watch the crystal like
water turning in to beautiful colors.
She turns her head around to look at me while
the streams of colorful water roam in to the lake
telling me “Relax and enjoy what is made.”
I stand at the edge of the lake
wondering about jumping in
to swim toward the waterfall
seeing the colors spill all over me.
I make a big splash and begin
swimming, when I reach the
waterfall of colors
flashing before my eyes
nearly blinding me,
not being able to see, I jump in to
a alcove behind the waterfall.
I see the woman once again standing
in front of me
pushing me through
the waterfall once again.
I lose myself in the water
while a spectrum of colors are mixing all around me.
I float to a rock in the lake
lying there resting eventually falling asleep.
When I finally wake up!
I am lying on my bed
lifting my arms up
watching the sun beam in to my eyes blinding me
as my arms fall down I hear a
crinkling noise like the crickets
I heard in the forest only this time
it is an envelope on my bed.
I open it up and I see a paper
written to me,

It read:

“‘Remember me and what I say’
live in the moment and be who you are
’cause no one knows you better than yourself.
Someday we meet again as you sit on/near my throne
knowing you lived your life the way you knew best.
‘Remember me and what I say’ ’cause its a long
enough journey to get lost and forget, but
live in the moment and be who you are.
Others will follow this thinking as we
all move forward! All the best,”

I read this note a few dozen times
not knowing who wrote this, but I got up
from my bed an refreshed taking a shower
getting ready for my day.


posting more soon as well as another mailbag coming soon and continuing fiction story,


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3 thoughts on “A Spectrum of Many Colors

  1. Jackie

    I love it!
    You have such a beautiful way with words. I wish I could write like that; where I can put my heart and soul and people can feel it as well when reading it. 🙂

  2. Melanie

    Wow! Your writing is so beautiful 🙂 I don’t have Autism, but your work still speaks to me very deeply. I was watching a documentary on emotions that you were in and decided to look your blog up. I am so glad I did! This ( and all of your poems/ stories/ posts) are wonderful!

  3. Lupita

    Your writting has make me travel to a place inside me that i always like to experience… My heart.