A poem I just wrote called ‘A Star in the Midst’

Here is a poem I wrote:

A Star in the Midst,

by J.S.R. (theamazinJ)

It was a foggy grey evening
when only 1 star
was seen in the distance.
A man with a shotgun
shoots fire up in the sky
to try and bring down the star.
A blast shoots the star
in to a million or billion
of pieces bursting in Space.
The man starts laughing
thinking he had darkened
the sky for good UNTIL…
He sees billions of stars
creating before him
making the night sky
as bright and beautiful
as it has never been before.
The fog disappeared and
millions of people ran
out to see the bright
beautiful night sky.
The man walked up
to a lady not to far from
him, he shot the
random lady with
his armory in which
he shot the famous
star which became
a billion stars in the night sky.
Instantly the lady woke up
and spit up a fiery star
in to the man’s face
as he fell to the ground
on fire. The man
was screaming for help
when one of the stars
rushes down from the sky
and descends slowly
as it reaches the ground.
Instantly the star
becomes a beautiful white
angel with her wings
spreading out, eventually closing.
The angel wipes the silly grin
off the man’s face
as she tells him in front
of every one else,
Be gentle with yourself
and who is around you
’cause you never know
whose going to help you.’
The man began crying
for the first time since he
was born. His mind starting
spinning around as watched
his crazy past disrupting society.
When it was over the Angel
took him by the hand
and told him to “Walk the Earth
until justice is served.”
The man began weeping
and the people around him
looked at him with disappointment
as he began his journey
to find peace in his heart
and serve his justice.
As he walked by the family
and the woman who survived
his shot, he started to
discover who the woman was.
After, the Angel finally left,
flew up to the darkness
soon to brighten the night sky,
once again with her
billions of siblings all
right next to her
watching, observing, waiting.

(I hope you like the poem I just wrote. It is a tribute to the survival of Representative Giffords and the tragedy which unfortunately happened. There is always an Angel around us no matter what when tragedy occurs. The Angel serves us to resolve issues and create justice so NO body can do harm to any one)

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