A new week starts, A fresh outlook on Life

A fresh outlook…

Now that Osama Bin Laden is finally dead we made a first step to a fresh new outlook on Life, but its only the beginning of a long road ahead of us. To bring justice to all the terror in this world, we need to fight more to come back to order and peace. Although peace and order are very hard to achieve in the world because there is always someone out there who is feeling angry, we must work together not against each other. Some people think the end of times is coming, but its really just the beginning of a new era approaching us to 2013 and beyond. A few years back I had a discussion with someone I was teaching who explained the whole process to me from a book series he read. He told me by 2012 some people will be staying while others will be going. The ones who will be staying here need to fulfill their missions in life, but the ones who will be leaving us already finished what they had to do. It is a matter of justice, joy, and forgiveness.

It is great we put Osama Bin Laden to justice, but there is still a lot more work for the governments to do. However, we need to celebrate a little bit, to understand this a little more on June 1, 2011, we will celebrate Positivity Day!! On this day, we will all leave any negative feeling we are having and just feel happy. It is a starting point for us to fight violence and terrorism wherever we go.

POSITIVITY DAY coming JUNE 1, 2011, but in the meantime we need to start fulfilling our needs and achieving our wants by getting ready for this good Moment this year. Be confident, feel good, and be happy!! The stronger positive force we become the more we can defeat the negative force. I know people on a daily basis who can be very negative, Cheer Up and get ready for JUNE 1!!!

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