A good question for Apple Computers to possibly do…

How about if Apple Computers creates an Diagnostic Ultrasound System that is a Specific Voice Recognized, Touch Screen?

They would blow away all the rest of the Ultrasound companies and every thing would be Apple. How would you like them Apples? Move over Philips, GE, or any others Apple could blow you away if only they did this.

The Machine would know all knobology as the Ultrasound Technologist scans an a part of the body, the Technologist would just ask the machine to change features to get a better image!!

Start moving along so Apple Computers can create this system. No more stretching to push a button or move TGC’s, all you have to do is hold a transducer, scan and know your anatomy. Perfect!! It would make Venous Reflux studies so MUCH BETTER!!!

Posting more about this very soon,


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