A 3 Part Series Blogging Edition, Part 1: Free Will

It does doesn’t matter if you are Autistic or NOT, every body has free will.  Free will gives us the right to speak our minds, tell our stories, and tell society how to fix what is wrong.  There are many people in society who use their free will Autistic or NOT who lack sensitivity toward others’ viewpoints.  The reason we are here in society is for any one to  use their free will to decide what their life is about.  People discuss their own fate and have a destiny to be the unique perspective on life that they were created to be.  People who abuse free will impose their perspective too much and are considered insensitive to others.  However society does not like to admit their faults whoever they are.  Instead they move forward disinterested in improving themselves and cooperating with each other.

The uniqueness of any living thing is that all living animals especially human beings are special because we all have something to give to society. However we also have selfish self centered behaviors.  No matter who you are and what you do, we are selfish from the very moment we are born. It just depends on how little selfish we become as we  get older to reach our peak in life.  Some people are born to be free to always be generous and giving, but most people are not. We just have to learn to contribute our faith to learn anything we need to do during our lifetime.

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