A 3 Part Blogging Edition: Part 2: Spirituality and Belief

Imposing our own belief system on others is guaranteed to be destructive in society and why we have wars and violence. The world is a big place where every body can live in this world with their free will as long as they are determined to believe in what they know in order to succeed. By speaking of our free will, is there a way to know when we are imposing and when we are not? Cults and even religions impose ideas frequently on other people, but does this mean we have to listen? It just means we have to do what we need to do to live in society. People in society can be adventurous, determined, persistent, and selfish at any time, but how about focused??

When people in society are focused, they can really know what they want out of life and really spend enough of their time to know their own beliefs. Some people believe in “God” and some people “don’t”. We all need to know how to live our life and be sensitive to others perspectives because every body has a perspective on life that is special to who they are. No one’s perspective is more special and more unique than others. We have the belief system to enjoy our life the way we best do it, but we don’t have the right to impose on other people and cause physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual harm. There is no reason to encourage any one to impose any of their beliefs, what you believe is your belief and not any one else’s. Although some people may have similar beliefs and may agree with each other, every body is still different.

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