We are all warriors fighting for our own existence

We are who we are, we are creatures on this planet fighting for own existence. Sometimes it can get rough while other times it is relaxing. There are many times in this world where Human beings on this planet either support one another or rage on each other. It amazes me how much most people in the world can become so jealous so easily, but at the same time there are many people can be as supportive and caring as a butterfly. Emotions run through our heads because we are here to feel for what goes on with other people. No body sacrifices their own emotions for no feeling at all because certain emotions can feel great like being happy or over joyed.

Some people decide to lift themselves up during these joyful times, but get angry when not every one is happy for them. All of a sudden people look at what others have and say “I want what he has,” but is wanting what someone has enough to satisfy yourself. It is a an area showing some people need to feel satisfied with their own talents and appreciate their gifts.

Every one is here for a reason because no body can judge each other and no body can feel the need to have someone else’s gift. Every body works hard for their achievements to get far in this world. No body should think they are better than the next and no body should feel they want something someone else has unless it is what is meant for them.

My life can feel very intense at times or just feel very relaxed. It depends on the situation. Sometimes we all just have to take time out of our busy lives to reflect on the continued fight for our own existence. Sometimes that fight is worth fighting for if it is something we are meant to do and sometimes it is not if we are living someone else’s dream. In the end, we have a choice; spend time carving our gift or spend time carving someone else’s due to jealousy.

It takes the whole nine yards to think about what we want our life to be like.

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