We all are different

Love goes in to many directions. Sometimes we need to grow and love ourselves first. Once we can love ourselves first, we can love other people. It is not the love for our self-esteem, but finding a way to create a world where we feel less emotional. No body deserves to have a child who is struggling with an Autism, but every one struggles in different ways. It is not a intellectual disability, it is more like an intellectual difference. When someone says they have a disability which lasts them their whole life, it does not mean they don’t have abilities which far outweigh the common person. A disability comes from doctors and professionals who determine how a person can function with common people. Although this does not mean the person with a disability can’t do those things they struggle with, they can with help. Eventually the disability becomes an ability marked with the abilities the person already had.

For example, a person like myself says “I can’t multitask and need to do one thing at a time.” Well, I have observed in this world, many people only want every one to multitask to get things done more efficiently. It is like the story of the Turtle and the Hare, “slow and steady, one thing at a time wins the race.” The more someone multitasks on a single routine, the more the person is bound to make mistakes and lose the race. It is true I can only do one thing at a time, but I do, do it.

Our abilities are a lifelong journey sometimes and we frequently need to put the stigma aside about what others think we can’t do. Sometimes we do things in life not realizing what opportunities we had, but some other opportunities teach us to gain far greater opportunities in the future then the initial opportunity we had to begin with.

Thinking things thoroughly through…


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