Visions of the future, present today, every day!

The future is coming closer every time we approach the next minute is an instant future. Many people don’t realize the tribulations we go through in life until the very end. Life seems to direct us in solid direction; we either accept it or fight it. Sometimes even I try to fight it especially when I am told to go one direction and I go another.

A journey fills our minds with the utmost acceptance of our past. We must accept the past to move forward. Here is a something all of you should always remember: try to do what you were meant to do and nothing more. If you try to do other people’s talents instead, you will fail. Every one has a talent for something in this world. No body is immune from having a unique talent.

Today you must look at your own self to see what good talents God gave you and excel strong at it. Someday you might just be a superstar and rise the angel(s) who are crying because of the greed in people’s eyes.

Be positive and that talent will be strong!

My artwork will be coming soon to DMC plus more other types of posts,


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