Thinking of what contributions we can give

There are many contributions we can give. We have to make some kind of sacrifices in life when we want to give. We can’t keep everything for ourselves. Yes, some things are ours to keep, but other things have to be shared too. We have expressions on our bodies for a reason and these expressions help embark on a good journey to be. Sometimes we may feel utterly giving while other times we feel like sticky syrup all over our bodies. Every time we sit down in the midst of having a good day, the good day should make you feel good inside, and also help others feel good too.

There are many people in the world who do not feel good about themselves. Every one expresses it differently. Some people decide to brag about everything keeping everything for themselves, some people become depressed, and other people don’t know what to do with themselves.

Feeling good about yourself is very important. You must first find your joy to feel good about yourself. This may take time to find yourself because it can be a painful process. Once you find your inner self, you can walk with true pride. It is important to have a strong ego, but not overinflated.

The contributions of the day is to teach one positive thing you know that your friend does not know. You just might not realize the results you get.

People tell me a pearl of wisdom stays with us forever.

Have a wonderful week!


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