These moments for your success

Listen! See! The moments are here for us.

This week has the joyous feeling something extraordinary will happen. A feeling where nothing goes wrong and people decide to listen and see what is around them. Forget the emotions you could be feeling right now and remember to leave behind any body who tries to bring you down.

Here is a collage I made signifying the emotions we get when we are feeling success. Notice the shadow to the left of the image is seen as someone trying to knock the other person off the ladder of success. Also, comment on what you feel the rest of the images make you feel.

Have a great day and remember to find your inner sense of special diamonds inside you.

posting soon enough,


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2 thoughts on “These moments for your success

  1. kahuku

    very nice collage. The subject matter and colors are wonderful. I like the volcano/nuclear power plant pushing out positive energy towards the sun on the left. Bird, and flight, and dreams… Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. Susan T.

    I like the collage, Jason. It looks like you used some pastels, which are so fun to play around with.

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