The truest nature of your love goes a long way

A history of fear and jealousy goes back to the age of the dinosaurs or even beyond that. Fear and jealousy are conformity of the soul. It reminds us there are struggles in our lives. A struggle in which we need to gather ourselves to our ultimate goal: all of us being one with god.

Whose to say who is right and who is wrong. Republicans say Democrats are wrong, while Democrats say Republicans are wrong. This is assumptions which we all make. When Republicans were in power, this country went down. Now that Democrats are in power, it seems as if Republicans are unhappy. Not every one can be happy with who is in power. To straighten the United States, the world, and our own life we must first decide what is best for ourselves first.

Every body can argue about the crises in our life now, but there is only one solution. Open your eyes to the bitterness around you to see how you can help.

Remember to work together to see the solution…and don’t fear!

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