The time when I saw Temple Grandin this past Sunday and my interests

To end Autism Neurodiversity Month, I saw Temple Grandin this past Sunday in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I had got to talk to her a little bit, but she seemed overwhelmed. I feel I am very similar to Temple in many ways. The Autism Spectrum is different, unique, yet similar.

Speaking of Temple Grandin, she is officially in Time magazine’s Most Influential people in the world of 2010. I’d have to say she is an inspiration to me.

I asked her a question this past Sunday about teaching other people with Autism Spectrum to do Ultrasound Technology like what I am doing. She first asked me if I work in a hospital. I told her “No, I work in a doctor’s office.” She started talking about how it is very important for people on the Autism Spectrum to get work experience in their specified special interest. It builds our egos and our egos are not too good to begin with when we are humiliated or feeling down due to Neurotypicals being ignorant.

I told her on Sunday how her mom and my mother are very similar especially how Temple was raised by her mom and how I was raised by mother. Every time I hear how her mother got her speech therapy at about the age of 2, I think about how my mother did the same for me.

One last thing Temple Grandin spoke about how there are too many Autistic/Aspie people who are developing a special interest in Autism. She feels how Autistic/Aspie people should be developing their own special interest outside of learning about Autism. I believe Autism is already in us and we should let Neurotypicals study us and be able to learn from how we are.

My artwork is getting really interesting and I love my interest in Ultrasonography in medicine. Someday I would like to teach those Autistic/Aspie individuals who would want to learn Ultrasound in the school I will create.

Speaking of my interest: Here is an interesting video clip:


The circulation is great, and my art is even great too. Coming soon is my artwork as I can figure out how to put it up. Blood is important to be pumped in all of us. Keep up your strength and stay healthy!

I leave you with a good song to listen to today:

posting later on,

NEURODIVERSITY spreads everywhere!


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