The Soon to be Internationally Recognized Worldwide program ‘Adaptations’

Why can’t Adaptations be EVERYWHERE? Why can’t every one who is Autistic either mildly or more Autistic benefit from Adaptations than just in New York City??

I think it is rather unfair the program which teaches many aspects of life like Social Skills to only be in New York City. I have met online and in person many people who have told me they would like a program like this where they live.

May be it is time for Adaptations to grow and become a strong positive program for every one in the world with Autism to benefit from. It is not just in the United States, not just in Europe, not just in Asia, but all over where Autistics are struggling to survive.

Autism Speaks and other organizations promoting cure are not helping us. Even people like Jenny McCarthy who promote how Autism is caused by Vaccines and spend all their money trying to sue the government, is just sabotaging the needs of Autistics who can already be learning the skills to live their life.  Finding a cure and causes is not the answer.

Autism is a part of this world too and we must embrace it. An Organization like Adaptations in New York City is a positive way to help people who are struggling. I know I have posted about this before, but I have decided to write about it again.

Wherever you live, wherever you are at this moment, and if you have Autism or know someone with Autism, talk to people you know to promote this positive program in your area.

Remember to embrace your abilities even if it is not that much! Do not think about what you can’t do (weaknesses) aka the old term disabilities. Weaknesses can become stronger with your own effort and the help of a good teacher.

Be Strong and Be happy!!


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