Autistic Pride Day 2010 submissions! – Music and Poetry

Below is the following people who submitted their poetry and a song for Autistic Pride Day.   They are all each on the Autism Spectrum. Thank you every one who submitted a piece of their work for Autistic Pride Day.

The song someone sent me is from Nicholas Muhlestein, who wrote this song for his English Class in school.

My Identity Rap Song
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The Royal Borough of Autism (2008)

Chen Gershuni from the Autistic Community of Israel

I took a walk down Autism Lane

Where every house has a number
And each street has a name

On Asperger Street, I turned to the right
Looked at Doctor Hans’ children
What a wonderful sight

I took the bus to Kanner’s Corner
Where Auties line
Them bricks in order

A beautiful girl was sitting nearby
Flapping her hands
As though she could fly

I fixed my gaze on a stimmy toy
While aspies where spinning
Them wheels with such joy

A beautiful woman rocked back and forth
Played with soap bubbles
And gazed to the north

The Royal Borough of Autism
Is my haven, my heaven and my jail

Asperger Poem
By: Tara Kimberley Torme

It seems that other people don’t care
That Aspergers is everywhere

People who just don’t seem to fit in
And are told they belong in a trash bin

My brain works differently from yours
We both take different-separate doors

Sounds are much louder for me –
Mere baby crying is not ecstasy!

Textures & tastes wreck havoc with my system
What you tolerate – is torture in addition

Making friends is a pure mystery for me
It’s like figuring out the birds & the bees

Aspergers takes over my life –
I’ve been cut into two with a knife

Sometimes I’m good and know how to behave
And then my other half takes over – with a wave

Sometimes I’m quiet & calm as a squire
Other times I’ll rage out like an out of control fire

Insignificant actions, gestures and words
Will make me angrier than a flock of wild birds

Aspergers – I sometimes wonder – why me?
Yet this is the best way to be.

The Last Letter

Jennifer Garcia, a member of Adaptations

It was a cold dark night
with the sounds of a barking
dog outside
I decide to write my last letter
my thoughts ran fast as I put pen
to paper.
A letter to a man with a bright tan
whom I may not see again. I wrote
a quote ” come home soon my love”
I love you
The next day, my heart races as I pace
myself to the mailbox to sent it before it
too late.
Days have passed by as a summer breeze and
the nights have become sights of a stars above the
It was the middle of the night the moon was bold and the air
was cold I suddenly hear footsteps then a tear dropping down my
I opened the door and there he was the man with a tan looking
at me whom has come home to me. The only words I had to say
was I love you and the last letter lead you back to me again.

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