5 thoughts on “Take your time out to say GOOD MORNING in the SUNSHINE!!

  1. Carrie

    What a beautiful photo!!! Did you take this pic yourself Jason? I’m soooooooo happy that Spring is just around the corner…I can feel it in the air too =)

  2. Tim


    I watched the PBS special in which you were interviewed. I found your story very uplifting and positive. I came here to express my gratitude for being brave enough to tell your story to such a wide audience. Best of luck to you in all endeavors!

  3. Josh

    I love a warm and sunny spring day!

    I wouldn’t be opposed to one last big snow storm. I do like the stillness and beauty of everything covered in white during and right after a snow storm. It sort of erases the grime of the city for just a short while and makes everything look new.

    The plants starting to turn green and grow leaves does do the same thing though I suppose in the spring time. All the new flowers add color to the city!