Substitution plays a big part in our lives

Sometimes we don’t realize it, but we get in to things that just don’t feel right. A career choice is a very important decision to make. I am finding I have become an inspiration to so many different people in the world. The career choice I have chosen is now.

My life is at the sole of gratitude towards many people in the world. I need people to feel the same way in their life. We need to all feel gratitude for every one everywhere. My angels are sensed all around me. Nothing can go wrong unless you think it. Autism is the ultimate gift this world will ever see and for all you doubters out there, you will find out soon enough. Don’t take your life for granted or anyone else for that matter.

I have finally gotten something where I can scan in my artwork so that I can show the world my art. Art is a great experience to bring glory to the world. It is an expression of how we feel without any words, just drawing. Improv acting is also the best way to know how you can help yourself in the best possible way.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror today and say to yourself, “I am I. I am a person who can and will achieve.” Take your gift and bring it to glory by doing what you were intended for. When you have decided to harvest the gift, your rewards reap with glory.

I have not been able to sleep well for a whole week, but may be the weekend will help me sleep better.

Substitution plays a big part in our lives when we are not harvesting our gift to bring to glory to ourself and the rest of the world.

LISTEN to yourself crying. Listen to yourself what you are wanting to do and capable of doing.

Have a wonderful day my readers!


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2 thoughts on “Substitution plays a big part in our lives

  1. Laura

    I like how you often manage to speak to things that are going on with me, or that I am thinking about, and you don’t even know me. It is pretty random, or maybe it’s not, but I always appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Maddy

    When you said ‘take a look for yourself’ I thought you were going to show us some of your artwork! Nevermind glad you’ve mastered the scanner – it’s taken me 18 months to tackle mine.