Special things inside of me

There are ‘special things inside of me’ which some people see and some people care not to see. These special things help me develop myself to disregard what other people think or say about me. It really does not matter when a person tries to bring others down by telling how much someone is no good even though the person succeeds. Those people really don’t have good egos and are crying inside themselves. The best thing to do when these people say these things are too tell them how inappropriate they are and walk away to do what you normally need to do. No body can let any negative talk bring you down no matter who the person is even an authority figure.

One of the hardest things for a person to do in this world is to control their emotions when negative talk is being said to them. I know a few people who try and talk down to me informing me how I am no good. One of these people are so sick that they would stop at nothing to bring myself or others down. It is quite sad. We must control our emotions and say how we feel right away. Otherwise the emotions build up for an explosion of anger. The person who says I am no good is actually not feeling good about themselves and projecting their emotions on to me. For instance, imagine someone calls you lazy (or even retarded) when you work very hard at what you do while the person continues to harass you to the point where you feel hurt and angry. You have too choices: you can use the anger to burst or you can use the anger to walk away from the situation to go to a quiet place to think about how to find people who see special things inside you.

After you have found your place away from people trying to bring you down, you begin to work very hard at controlling your emotions. The emotions are released in a positive sense by letting go of the feelings and realizing how the other person who said those things to you is really feeling. They could be having a bad day themselves and instead of reaching out, they are projecting their anger on to you.

Many people would say to me anger is fueling rage where anything can happen. It does not have to go so far as to rage in anger if only you can control the feelings inside and realize the special things inside of you or I. You must say to yourself “The person isn’t worth my time to even listen to because the person is only trying to bring you or I down.”

The special things inside of me continue to guide my life and help me to realize what potential I have to gain access to great things in my future. This week will be interesting one for me. Everything happens for a reason and I feel my angels are setting something up for me soon to fix a situation I am in. It is up to me to let them.

Think about what you could do or say to a person saying negative talk to you in a positive manner.

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One thought on “Special things inside of me

  1. Gabe

    Very good stuff there. Sometimes you need to toughen your skin and not worry about what other people say and whether or not you are unpopular for any reason.


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