People with Autism on Social Networks like Facebook,…

Humans crave connection.  Humans are people, people on the Autism Spectrum whether they admit to it or not crave connection too.  Social networks like Facebook make it easier for people on  the Autism Spectrum to make these connections.  Facebook and other social networks build up networks very easily.  It is not a personal eye to eye connection like Neurotypicals do every day, but at least it is some kind of connection.  Human beings need this connection with others because human beings can not live on their own.  There are people on the Autism Spectrum who feel they don’t need these connections, but then they admit that they have been teased and humiliated by others so many times by others.   Being Human most people just don’t understand different.  They don’t want to have the patience to see, hear, and speak with different.  The beauty of being Human is  every one is different.  There are even different Neurotypicals, generally Neurotypicals do not have the same kind of problems as people on the Autism Spectrum. If you plant your seeds in the ground and let it grow, you see every seed grows and branches out.  Some die off quickly while others grow beautifully for a longer period of time.  A tree which lasts hundreds of years is considered old, but a tree that becomes diseased early, dies off.  We need to give every body the chance of having connection with others to develop friendship.  Thanks to social networks like Facebook, any one can form a friendship even though there is no eye to eye contact,  at least people are expressing themselves.

Though we need to be careful who we meet too on social networks like Facebook.  The world can be a cruel place.

It might be easier for us to be on social networks like Facebook, but it is more important to be with people beyond that.

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