Gregarious Revolution Episode 4

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Light Year Man found a jar opened in front of his feet not knowing where it had come from.  He picks up the jar and starts to turn the wooden stopper on the jar.  Flash Forward is standing next to him when Light Year Man opens the jar noticing a dirty powder in the jar with an object seen on the bottom of the jar.  Light Year Man puts his hand in the jar, but notices it is too tight for his hand. Instead he turns the jar upside down dumping the powder out.  The object falls to the ground when the two of them see it as a key.

Light Year Man turns to Flash Forward while Regina is looking on, staring at the key for a few minutes.  Light Year Man felt this key can be a very important use.   He didn’t say anything and put the key in his upper chest pocket from the clothing Regina gave him.

It is time to start on the quest vision which Light Year Man has been sent here on this planet for. Regina has taken her father’s place as the prime Earth guardian to help Light Year Man. Flash Forward is the sidekick coming a long for the ride.

They set out their journey by walking to the livestock in the woods where Regina’s father has discovered and brought up a few unicorns he has found. The livestock in the woods takes about two days to walk to in a cave under the waterfalls of a National Park. Light Year Man is wondering how his creatures are doing after all these years. In the meantime, Light Year Man, Flash Forward, and Regina packed up and headed out.

A long the way to the cave, Flash Forward walks past Light Year Man and Regina who are talking about her father back when she was only 5 years old. He was telling stories of how her father and Light Year Man me and her father knew how to say his real name.

Light Year Man continues telling Regina, “See Regina, your father is not the person you thought he was all these years. He was a unique individual who even remembered being up in the stars in heaven.” he further states “I met him because I accidentally slipped on a crack on my planet and fell through a wormhole. When I met your father, he thought I was a fallen star from space. As soon as he saw me, he yelled out, ‘Maria, my little Regina, come to see this, I need help,’ but no one heard him. He then approached me, stared in to my eyes, and said ‘boo’. I didn’t know what that meant, but I said my name which for some reason he completely knew how to say.”

Regina asks “How do you pronounce your name?”

Light Year Man answers “I am afraid you don’t have the powers to say my name unless you hear it in space.”

Regina says “but my dad never told me about his encounters with you and he seemed ordinary.”

Light Year Man says “Your dad is not ordinary. Soon he will die and be a part of our mission on Earth. He will help me and Earth should live a different way of life after our mission is complete. You are just a temporary figure to help me until your father dies here to help me.”

Regina begins cry saying “No, my dad can’t die, I need him. How dare you say that to me?”

Light Year Man says “I am sorry, but is for the greater good of the universe for him to go and help me when he is ready to die here.”

Regina runs off to the nearest oak tree to cry. Light Year Man stands still with his arms bent to his side and the clothing Regina gave him falling off as his original space suit fills up with pride on his body.

Light Year Man slowly and steadily says to Regina “My dearest Regina, I speak to you in your language because your dad taught me languages here. The place you are living in is falling a part. No body here can do anything to help it. I am here to help all of you on Earth. Stop crying and move forward towards me. Lean in to my body and wrap your arms around me as I show you something you have never seen before…”

Regina listens to Light Year Man and wraps her arms around him. She begins to see a light inside of her shining so bright. Flash Forward turns around in the distance looks at them and smiles. Light Year Man begins to fade with her as they disappear. Flash Forward sits on the path to the creatures in the cave waiting for their return.

(Where did Regina and Light Year Man go? What are they doing? The story continues soon so wait and see what happens next.)

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