Needing to put less pressure on myself to live better

(It is hard when we put pressures on ourselves to do things, if only we could just relax to get things done. I know I haven’t posted in a almost a week and every one probably misses my posts. I have returned to writing my posts. More inspiration, more stories of fiction, poetry/prose, pictures, and a revamping on the site with cool stuff.)

It starts off in the midst of darkness. We sit in darkness and silence wondering what will come about for us in our life. We don’t know at that time, but it is up to us to make the best possible life we can enjoy. We have to work hard at smoothing over our talent and meeting others who are willing to invest our time in us.

Can we do it? Is it that hard? Take your time out each day to be patient enough to graciously live a better life.

I have been recovering from my surgery and been trying to figure out things to do to keep my mind occupied and my windows in my brain open to new experiences. It is hard because recovering from major surgery also means it takes harder work to do all this.

As I try very hard to do the many things I want to do for my mind and I walk around building my stamina to do so much more, I begin to tire more. I need to put less pressure on myself while having more of a mindset on relaxing and enjoying the recovering process. In a month’s time, I will be set to do the many goals ready for me to get to work harder.

Anyway, I end with a poem:
It is time for a fall
in to the bright
beautiful foliage
of leaves lying
on the ground.

I sit at my desk
lonely, cold, and
grounded to the carpet
which gives me time
to think of the good times.

I wonder who will
be the leader
and who will follow
the leader crossing the

The leader becomes the hero
of our lives whether it is
just next door or right
nearby or even in our heart. I just don’t bother
to notice who came by to sacrifice their blood.

By sacrificing your blood
you become a hero in your heart.
The blood which can save
a life on this planet or just your own.
No matter what you can do for yourself!

I wonder who will be the hero and
I fear who is the villain, but
what we don’t know is
the villain only hurts us if we let it
and the villain only survives if we allow it to.

Describe your deepest fears of the unknown
and charm yourself every once in awhile
because if you do, no body
can harm you and no body can
steal your dreams away!

(posting soon enough)


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2 thoughts on “Needing to put less pressure on myself to live better

  1. Emily

    Hi Jason,
    I also recently watched “This Emotional Life”. After listening to you talk about your blog, I searched for it on Google right away and am interested to read what you post. A I agree with Meaghann that it is inspiring to hear about your various accomplishments and the dedication you have given to living life to its fullest. I enjoyed your poem in this entry very much.

    – Emily

  2. Meaghann Clope

    Dear Jason,
    I recently watched the documentary that you were in, and I wanted to let you know how inspirational I found your story. Although this has nothing to do with this blog entry, I think that you are an exceptional person and how truly inspired I am by your ability to see the good things in life and what makes life meaningful. I think it’s great that you have a blog and I can’t wait to sit down and read through it.