Luck is just the next best thing because we all have IT!

Sometimes when we go through life, we don’t realize what we ought to do and what is necessary to do. Today I am going to the hospital as you have been reading my tweets lately. I am talking with a doctor who will give me a straight up answer about surgery. Many of you may feel you need all the luck in the world. You don’t need luck, luck already has you and I. Luck is essential for our heritage to make a legacy in our lives.

It is time possibly, I say it once again, it is time possibly for the main major tune up before 5771 starts. Every one eventually needs tune ups, it just when is going to be a tune up. I may be not available to post because of this major tune up or may be I will. Don’t know yet, but I will sure let every one know what is going on.

As I end this post with a poem, I say;

Fiery skies in the air
ruffling in the distance
comes a time of change.
Change is good
Change can make
things all better
only if you let it.
but the changes
going on now
with you
and with me,
are the distinct
archway to the
single door to open up
for me, for you,
for the peaceful Earth
we shall all see.
Honor thy faith
which is inside you
and the angels

Posting when I get a chance,


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One thought on “Luck is just the next best thing because we all have IT!

  1. Rodrigo

    Hello Jason… I see you in a tv program in Argentina (i’m from Argentina) and then a come to your blog to say hi and wish you good luck, but, like you say: “You don’t need luck, luck already has you and I” great words!! 😉


    Rodrigo (sorry for my bad english)