Looking back at last week, moving forward …

Last week was a remarkable week. I showed many people throughout the world, people on the Autism Spectrum can succeed.

Moving forward this week, I think about how to let things flow to see what happens next…

I had a good weekend, just focusing on the important topics for this week. There is much needed improvements to be made to myself and I will finally be attending socials skills on Tuesday after a long absence.

DMC will have some much needed newer posts for every one to read. Very insightful, informative, and creative writings as always.

I will try and figure out how to scan in my drawings for every one to see my artwork. Also, new pictures from Chloe the Maltese Dog as well coming tonight!

As for now, Have A Wonderful Week!

could this be…? Check this out:


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3 thoughts on “Looking back at last week, moving forward …

  1. Linda

    I heard about your story on This Emotional Life (PBS). You are an inspiration. So many times we believe that we cannot overcome challenges in our lives merely because we’re not strong enough or have the resources, but you’ve proved otherwise. No matter our limitations – whether physical, mental, etc… – we can pursue dreams, attain goals and live a fulfilling life. Your desire to improve your situation so that others benefit show what a big heart you have (just like your mom said in the show). Your brothers are so proud of you and your mom must be on a cloud with pride. I look forward to reading your poems and your posts.

    Thank you for inspiring me to face my challenges head on!

  2. G-dwink

    Thank you for your courage, your commitment and your incredible strength to share your journey so openly Jason.

    So many times I am quick to judge my life and all the things that are wrong. All the issues that I face – many of which are self inflicted – and all the difficulties I have when dealing with my husband (who is terrific by the way) and friends (who are true gifts) but it’s hard for me to always see them as they are because of my own selfish/self centered points of view.

    I learned about the PBS special when I watched the movie, The Soloist(it’s a great movie!) and it was literately one day before This Emotional Life was set to air.

    I agree that there are no coincidences and love your suggestion of “G-odwinks” …that’s so true.

    You are doing great work in the world, you are a hero – although not the “typical” kind; you are actually a braver sort. It’s one thing to be strong because you are strong – that is expected even celebrated – but you are the type of hero which we LOVE to cheer for because your flaws make you face your fears, your deficiencies make you determined, and your weakness make you strong.

    This is what we all want to be said of us, as the majority of us are not “hero” worthy either. Believe me, those of us who have the ability to read others emotions and body language have an uncanny knack for screwing things up as well…

    The light that you have helped to shine on ALL ends of the human spectrum is necessary and important.

    I’ll be sure to check back from time to time to read your poems, take a look at your pictures and check out your story that you’re writing. But most of all I’ll stop back to remember how an “ordinary guy” named Jason – lives like an extraordinary hero – daily!

    Love to comfort you, light to guide you, and grace to proceed you always!


  3. Will

    Hey Jason. Like many others, I first heard of you and your blog on PBS’s This Emotional Life. I thought you did a really good job of showing viewers what your daily life is like.

    I wondered if you read a lot of books about people Aspergers Syndrome like you. I read a biography called Look Me In The Eye by John Elder Robinson. Like you, he was diagnosed with Aspergers at an older age. I thought it was interesting. He also has his own blog called (naturally) Look Me In The Eye on Blogger. Have you ever heard of him?