Laughing to yourself can be the best way to heal

Many people say this many times over how laughter is the best medicine. It is very true, if only people practice what they preach.

here is a crazy little thing we need to all understand: It is a story about a perspective we should all have. The perspective about life is to become courageous. Courage and laughter are the keys to developing a successful life.

We need to radiate our life like beaming lights shining down on us.

Here is a poem for all to read:

Lights shining down
laughter in the air
coming forth from the distance
leaves you less worrisome
and more cheerful.
drawing the line
to the lives
of our connections
to be
just another group
of friends laughing
at a joke.
A joke which counteracts
the physiologic
conditions which
may be hurting you
at the time.
Laugh, live, play,
and smile when you
get a chance since
you never know
when the smiles here
are going to end…

(Time for some really good times today)

posting more soon…


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