It’s okay to cry, we are human, and we need to let go of fear

Sometimes my life feels very hurt by different people I meet in adulthood, but I am learning to advocate for myself more each day. It is good to be somewhere for some time, but eventually you have to move on. Moving on can be very difficult, but you can act out the moving on to make it easier for the real deal. I have been improving each day in the past year by telling people how I feel right away.

Imagine yourself in a situation when anyone for that matter is bullying you. You have a few choices. You can let the person continue to bully you by being weak, or you can stand up for your rights to the person who is bullying you by telling the person how inappropriate and hurtful they are being. By standing up, you will earn more respect and finally be treated fairly. The other choice is to flight or leave when the situation became so grim because you held inside all your fears. It is better to let go of your fears by telling the person how you feel right away in a assertive manner by not yelling or throwing fists or cursing. We must face our situation head on as soon as the problem arises. If the person or bully still does not understand how you feel, you must find a way to leave.

A lot of times bullies don’t feel good about themselves and feel hurt inside since they have fears of their own they need to face. Sometimes the fears they may have can be similar to the fears you may have when being victimized by them. The bullies project their fear(s) by using the fear as anger toward other people creating hate, pain, and suffering toward innocent people. There are many bullies in this world and practically all of them take on similar themes to what makes them bully an innocent person. A lot of times it is their way of standing up to their bully in their life (a chain reaction) by bullying others or sometimes it is a deeper fear inside. Deep down inside a bully is crying, but not showing it on the outside. Emotions can sit deep inside us building a tension which eventually explodes in anger. Remember to speak first and not let the emotion settle.

Today I want every one to say to themselves “It’s okay to cry. I am human.” Whatever fear you may have, just cry for a few minutes or however long you want to about the fear, then find a way to stand up assertively to the fear. If it is a fear of a particular animal, go up to the animal to find a connection. Life is curious with love. We can’t be afraid of love and we certainly need to be curious about our life.

One thing we all need to do is, live a life where we are doing something which makes us happy.

(Acting is a good way to figure out how to handle yourself in real life. Time for a day to act when I go to drama therapy class at the JCC Manhattan. It helps me since 2008 and I have seen myself grow better.)

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One thought on “It’s okay to cry, we are human, and we need to let go of fear

  1. Jennifer Spengler

    I am watching a documentary about emotional relationships, and you are one of the subjects. You mentioned your blog… so here I am. I know you have probably heard this a thousand times, but I am amazed by you! You have an outstanding courage, a true will to LIVE LIFE (not just survive, but LIVE!)! If I had half the determination and strength you have I’d be better off. I will take a cue from you and attempt to face my fears by telling them to “hit the road.” Your mind contains much insight. Kudos to you for always growing as a human being. I wish more humans would! 🙂