It’s going to be okay, kid!

Life can hard, but it gets easier when you can hear someone say “It’s going to be okay.”  My life has twists and turns, ups and downs just like any one else.  I see, I hear, I smell, I taste,  I touch, and I sense.  Some people are gifted enough to sense the spiritual world around them.  Some people, at least most people can not.  Some people can sense what a person is made up of by watching closely.  This can be ultimately a gift too. Though there are some people who believe they can do and see things, but really are just sick.

When a child is first born in to this world how can anybody know and understand how that child is going to grow up.  For instance, a child who grows up psychic or a child who grows up autistic or a child who grows up mentally ill.  I think a parent knows or should know how their child is growing up.  Every child grows up with something. There is no normal way of growing up.  Some are more spiritually inclined and some are just plain messed up.

When a child or even an adult goes to the doctor perhaps a psychiatrist, there are sure differences in the way the child behaves which determines the child’s syndrome.  If a child is behaving due to sensory issues or lacking the necessary skills to communicate the child may be autistic.  The child who behaves because he or she is hurt from something is clearly feeling deep emotional issues which have scarred the ego.  An ego is a very precious thing in around ourselves which needs to be filled up, but not stroked. An ego can be very unstable because our feelings inside tend to mask the ego.

We must be careful how we raise the children of tomorrow and help the adults of today who are struggling.  It is important to be in touch with our spirit to let go and feel free.  When someone let’s go of their feelings inside, I find it can be very painful moment as we begin to cry with many tears down our face.  Life is intended to be lived and to learn from the preexisting experiences we once had.  Every day is a new day with a new beginning.

Last night and many other nights in my life, when I fall asleep something more seems to happen which scares me.  Some people may call it a very vivid dream while others call it in touch with my soul.  Meditation is another relaxing and spiritual feeling which can bring you in touch with your spirit.   I feel in touch with my spirit most of the time because I want to be conscious of myself and how I feel.  It seems when I feel stressed out, I tend to become more in touch with my spirit.  I have begun to realize how I am and how I can live my life better.

Remember every body goes through times of renewal.  From the book I read on auras in a previous posting, I realized I was a crystal.  Something which is now helping me determine who I am.  I would like to begin the school which can help other people on the Autism Spectrum have jobs too.  Every body wants to work, but some people struggle more to get it. There are Autistic individuals who struggle so much, they have trouble with just daily life routines.  If only there was a way to get these Autistic individuals to feel comfortable in this world as they are.  Struggles vary in degree, but we need help sometimes or in some people most of the time.

As I said before in earlier posts, the ultrasound school I want to start has the name Buena Salud Ultrasound School. It is important for as many people in this world to contribute to society in a good way by helping and earning a living.  Like every body wants to hear, “It’s going be okay, Kid.”

(Anyway, posting again soon)


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2 thoughts on “It’s going to be okay, kid!

  1. Vicky

    Watched a story about you on “This Emotional Life”. You are tryly an inspiration. You are such a strong person, and it is going to be ok. Good for you for acheiving the things you have. Nice to hear and see hope for things.
    Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. Lawfrog

    It is so true that just hearing “It’s going to be OK” is a huge help in life. It is also quite right that determining who you are and what you need is SO important.

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