I know it’s been a while since my last post, but here is a poem I just wrote

The year we discovered our inner peace,
by J.S.R.

The people stand
the people fall,
the people rise again
to find themselves
initially scarred by
the fall.

Finding their way
against the wind
beating down on them,
arrives a dark dome shaped
crystal flying emerging from
the distance from space.

A door opens
from the emerging crystal
and once the steps emerge
two figures walk out of the
crystal floating like
transient angels.

Some people around
begin to fall forward
letting others move passed
them until it is time
to take the hands of the
angels moving toward them.

Once the angels have taken
the hands of the people moving forward,
an emerging wing appears from
the crystal,
and the crystal begins to
fly away deep in the dark space sky.

The others left behind
are wondering for a
brief minute what just happened,
but just as they wonder, the sun
beams so bright from a cloudless
day with emerging respect for peace.

During the night
a boy and girl cry
since their father who died
a few years back is not with them
and their mother was taken in by
the angels in the crystal.

They are left alone in a house
of nothingness. They have to
find a life on their own.
They feel scared
They feel obligated to do
something about their loneliness.

The door bell suddenly rings
and the boy opens the door.
Out of no where an angel appears
where the crystal stood a few
hours earlier.
The boy cries…

The angel takes his hand
while asking for his sister’s hand
as well.
the angel tells them “Don’t cry
my young ones, you are the chosen ones.”
The boy and girl weep endlessly.

The boy asks “Why?”
the girls asks “Why? Why are we here still
without our mommy and daddy?”
the angel answers with a sigh,
“Listen to your heart and
bring balance to the world.”

The boy wakes up in his bed
and yells to his sister in the bright
morning sun, “I know what I want to
do sis” and the sister nods her head
in agreement with him.
she says “Tell every body to be happy for their life.”

The boys says “And tell them
their is nothing more any one can do
except to be who you are and make their
mark with their gift with feeling any sadness
for being alive. It should feel good to be alive
and sense the magic of the world.”

The angel looks outside their window
and smiles as the boy and girl run around
making the most of their new profound
existence. The people around in their homes
trying to make peace in their minds from
all the pain that is settled within.

(posting soon enough more….)


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