Handling ourselves in every situation

Sometimes it is hard to handle ourselves in every situation.  We need a little courage to get us through it and a little help from others to push us past our fears. Our fears could be stronger than we anticipate.  For instance, someone may be really scared of a particular animal.  Our fears of anything in particular is really about the unknown.   When we don’t know what can happen by taking a chance, the first thing which absorbs in your mind is negative thoughts.  The first thing we must do is to take the chance to think of all possible results which can happen and most importantly think positive.

If you are afraid of a dog because you don’t want to be bitten, then think about what you can do nicely for a dog.  Animals are very sensitive and can detect emotions.  Looking at a picture on a book is different than actually reading the book.  You don’t know if you will like the book until you actually read it.  An animal may seem scary at first, but we must learn to get to know the animal behind the mask.

It is true we won’t like every creature and person who walks in to our lives because it is only human nature.  We must learn to give others a chance to learn something we need to know in order to move on with our life.  Sometimes some people seem to be bullies and harmful to others even though their outward appearance didn’t show it or sometime the appearance actually does.  By knowing someone is going to be harmful to us, we learn to be with people who help us. The people who harm or bully us, we can learn to tell them in a nice way to back off, and walk away. The hardest part for any one is to walk away because bullies can be very demanding and hurtful.  Listen to your instincts to learn from the situation.

I am important, I am better every day, I am stronger than a bully, I trust myself, I am a healer!!

If you think something will happen, then it will…


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