Gregarious Revolution Episode 7

Regina wakes up in the middle of a deep sleep. Light Year Man and Flash Forward are sleeping in the middle of a died down campfire with Regina in the middle of the forest. Regina stands herself up very groggy at first struggling to keep her balance. She walks down a path to find a place to get away for a minute to think. She sits on a rock for a minute thinking about her father when she sees a bright light in the distance getting closer…

Standing in the distance an image of a man standing still with his arms wind open appear in front of Regina. Regina immediately recognizes the man as her father, runs up to him, but as she gives him a hug she bangs in to a tree. Confused about the situation Regina begins to cry because she misses seeing her father.

Light Year Man wakes up and walks over to Regina to tell her to get some sleep tomorrow for a big day of travel. Regina refuses to go back to bed as she starts screaming in agony over her father. Flash Forward wakes up while Light Year Man wraps his hands around Regina’s mouth to keep her quiet, then whispers in her ear, “Shhh, you are going to wake up every one around. Walk quietly back to the campsite and go to sleep.”

Regina is crying as Light year Man gives her a hug.

Light Year Man walks her over to the river nearby as Regina begins opening up about her feelings about her father and the dream/experience she just had.

Regina hesitantly tells him “I woke up suddenly from a dream I had about my father. He was sitting next to me at a park when all of a sudden I felt the ground shake. I saw two evil men swarming with their army killing whoever they saw in site. They looked very angry and wanted people to suffer. I was so scared. One of them calls to the other by the name of Yipzahmugal or by a name out of the epic Star Wars, Darth Corpse. It didn’t matter where the army was from, it was just a bunch of angry people from all over the world.” Then she struggles to say to Light Year Man “I couldn’t believe my eyes Light Year Man, people were suffering.”

Light Year Man tells Regina slowly “You have been contacted by the enemy we are going to fight. I am sorry you had to go along this way Regina with the dream, but your father must have hinted at them you are going to be with us. Here there is something troubling about what I am about to tell you, but it is a prophecy you must know.”

Flash Forward yells out “NOOOO, don’t tell her.”

“I must Flash Forward, I must.”

“NO, now is not the time. You know what happened the last time Light year Man.”

“You are right Flash Forward, you are right. Sorry Regina, you will know when it is over.”

Regina, Light Year Man, and Flash Forward walk down the dry rusted road toward Washington as the sun rises…

(The story continues this weekend as the story unravels more)

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