Gregarious Revolution Episode 5

Regina and Light Year Man are swimming through a tunnel with lights flashing before their eyes. Light Year Man who is smiling the whole time while looking at Regina, but Regina is frightened from worry about where she’ll end up.

Suddenly the tunnel ends sliding Light Year Man and Regina to a series of Tombstones. In front of the cemetery reads a sign called ‘Tree of Life Cemetery, A United Cemetery of Romania’. Light Year Man takes Regina through the rusted old gates. They walk through the cemetery as they pass tombstones which have been around for 500 years or longer. They pass a tombstone by the name of Schlomo of The Hills of Transylvania lived from 54 to 130 A.D. (C.E.). It was a small tombstone which was basically had an old stone with a drawing carved in the stone who looked like Light Year Man himself. Light Year Man glances at the tombstone for a while and pays his respect with a stone.

Light Year begins telling Regina who is watching in fear, “His name was Schlomo of the Hills of Translyvania. He and I were very good friends on Earth when I was alive here.” then he says “I promised him I would come back to his stone, so here I am.”

Regina asks “Where is he? Why isn’t he with you?”

Light Year Man says “He is. He always following me every where. It’s who you call Flash Forward.”

Regina says “Wow! I can’t believe this. How did he die on Earth? How did he go to your planet?”

Light Year Man says “Well to answer the question you want me to answer, I must tell you very slowly in 2 parts.” and then he slowly answers “He died in battle. We were fighting demons on Earth. Not in the sense of what you think demons are, but Demons in the sense of human beings who became very scared and angry. They hated the world, they hated everything, they destroyed everything they could find.”

Regina is now beginning to realize what the mission could possibly be. Light Year Man begins crying as they walk over a few tombstones down to where his mother lays. Her name was Moricia of the hills of Guanafetchy, mother of Guasefiny and Jacob. Regina is about to ask which name he was, and Light Year man starts crying saying, “Jacob.”

Regina asks “Where is your tombstone?”

Light Year Man says “The hated had burned me in home filled with straw. My tombstone will not be there except for a statue of my favorite animal, the phoenix, over there.” He points his finger to phoenix statue which fell over on the ground where it should be standing tall. Light Year Man felt sad for the very first time since Regina saw him. Otherwise he always has a smile on his face.

There is a man on Earth who is starting the war once again from all his fear and anger. He never had good life and hates the world about it. He is very similar to the man who I was fighting thousands of years back. Before the two of them leave the cemetery to head back to Flash Forward and start the journey toward finishing off the mission, the Light Year Man pushes Regina down a pit which he follows down with her. The pit becomes a tunnel of light. Light Year Man is flying or swimming through the tunnel with glee and Regina is scared at first.

At the end of the tunnel, Regina and Light Year Man suddenly appear as light over forest where Flash Forward is waiting for them.

Flash Forward stands up and runs up to his friend saying “So..”

Light Year Man says “I think she understands.”

Flash Forward whispers “Does she understand if she helps us, she has to come back with us?”

Light Year Man “No, Not yet.”

Flash Forward “OK, you’re in charge.”

Light Year Man, Regina, and Flash Forward follow down a path to the train station. They each buy a ticket one way to a land of historical figures by the coast. They wait for the train with just a few things in their hands and leave the only area Regina has ever known. Regina begins to start crying in her seat next to Light Year Man.

Light Year Man tells Regina very slowly “Stop crying Regina and toughen yourself up…the Life you created is something your father wanted, but he is too sick right now. You will be doing your service with us. Once it is all done, you will see…”

(as this part ends, the glorious story unravels. Be sure to look forward to the rest of the story parts coming soon.)

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