Gregarious Revolution Episode 12 Fight for the Light, Part II

They all enter at their own risk. Regina feels scared with her sword by her side. Light Year Man, Flash Forward, and Stupendous Spirit glide through the cave like gel. They all reach at room that seems dark, but flares up in fire.

Matzyaphugel yells out “At last, Light Year Man and his pals finally meet me for the first time only to fail at what they want to do.” then he says “And who is this young woman with you Light Year Man?”

Light Year Man answers “She is here to defeat you. She is the heiress to the prince…”

Matzyaphugel says “Very nice, Light Year Man, so if I win, I will end this planet forever.”

Light Year Man looking as calm as a goat, looks up and starts laughing at Matzyaphugel. Light Year Man stands next to Matzyaphugel and flashes a light through Matzyaphugel’s eyes, but Matzyaphugel resists. Instead Light Year Man flashes back to his pals and Regina pulls out her sword.

Matzyaphugel wonders to himself why Regina just pulled out her sword. The sword lights up with blue tint and blinds whoever is in its sight. Matzyaphugel says “What are you going to do with that Human? Are you going to try to kill me? I don’t think so.”

Matzyaphugel presses a button and a swarm of his army comes walking out in front of him. The sword is so bright that the army has to leave as quickly as they arrived. Matzyaphugel and his sidekick standing next to him stand up and the begin the fighting. Matzyaphugel lifts his hands as streams of red light flare out of his hands. The sword which was lifted up from Regina as high as she can reach it, sends the red flaring light back to Matzyaphugel and his sidekick which kills his sidekick.

Matzyaphugel “How dare you Light Year Man? How dare you bring the sword of mighty to this cave?

Light Year Man says “Well, it has always been on me. Try to kill us, but the heiress and us will do whatever we can to use the blue light to repel you. You don’t stand a chance against the will of our royalty.”

Matzyaphugel does not care and sends out a red flare of light once again. This time repels back and hits him between the eyes. His body is flared up in a mighty fire until there is complete darkness every where. Light Year Man ends the silence after a few minutes by saying “Where did he go?”

Regina says “I think he is dead.”

Light Year Man says “No way, evil is always around.”

The silence stays for a few more minutes after when the cave breaks through suddenly showing light everywhere. The trapped people around the world who have felt the power of the evil one for many years, feel free and happy. Cheerfulness surrounds the 4 of them. Stupendous Spirit suddenly disappears. Light Year Man and Flash Forward look up in to the sky and see a mark in the sky written by Stupendous Spirit for all to see in the world. Every one sees this mark and falls to their knees, then stands up with amazement. Every one finally realizes the mark is just a symbol to live a life of spirit and constantly moving forward to each new day which brings fulfillment of their honor to live. The symbol stands in the sky for hours and hours until it finally fades, but the people all over the world notice the symbol also stands for the love which remains in their heart no matter how much the remains of evil stay in their mind. Life is a mind game, if you can hold on to good, you can wash away your greed and your darkness. Otherwise your mind becomes the fiery red flares Matzyaphugel once was.

And so Light Year man says his final goodbye to Regina until they have to meet again…

Stupendous Spirit remains a few hours later after Light Year Man and Flash Forward leave to talk to Regina. Regina walks down the side of a river not too far from her home when Stupendous Spirit tells her this “Be well and live your life. Things will happen gradually and your father is safe up in our planet. Just never look back.”

Stupendous Spirit warps away and Regina walks back to her house waiting to see the rest of her family after the death of her father.

(Epilogue and other posts coming soon…)


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