Gregarious Revolution Episode 11 Fight for the Light, Part I

Stupendous Spirit rose from the emerging submarine from the waters yelling, “I’m king!” Light Year Man and Flash Forward pulled him backwards as the submarine came to land. The land seemed peaceful with the trees blowing in the wind and the grassy knolls greener as a frog. The animals surrounding the land seemed to sense a dark side coming toward them soon. Stupendous Spirit kept on hinting at the animals that everything is going to be okay.

Light Year Man fell to his knees because he began to see the Sun’s power of light compel him to fall forward. He was very tired, but knew he had to keep moving to lift the spirits of the people in the world. Light Year Man came here for a reason and he wants to finish what he came he for.

Regina smashed her nails in the trees. She sat on a rock, kept on rocking back and forth in pain. Flash Forward comforted her and told her, it is time to embark on her father’s dream.

The four of them, Light Year Man, Stupendous Spirit, Flash Forward, and the Human being walked toward the trees and fell to their knees in unison. An army came forward to tell them about the help which will be given to them. Besides an Army of 4 can not defeat the dark evil side as much as an Army of many.

As they the four of them, Light Year Man, Flash Forward, the Human, and finally Stupendous Spirit pick up their feet, they yell out to the Sun “Fight for the Light!” Stupendous Spirit finally yells out the words “This time things will be different. This time I will not wind up deep in the heart of the ocean. This TIME I WILL DEFEAT THE EVIL that lurks into the trees at night to scare every one. This time we will prevail!”

Light Year Man begins to show his wings with the same from Flash Forward and Stupendous Spirit. They take the Human by her arms and begin to fly through the breeze of the early morning sky. They fly over lands and waters streaming around causing waves of clouds to initiate a large march of the masses of Humans around the world. The animals flutter or clap whatever they need to do to help begin a moment of spirit for the fight for good.

They all fly around as to expose who they might be. As people around the world wake up and look up to the sky, every one falls to their knees thinking they have found God when in fact they have found the help they need to fight the evil lurking in the world. God is what is inside all of us and is not a person, place, but a Thing to help guide us.

Light Year Man carries his weight holding Regina flying around over the oceans and lands. Regina feels as if she is going as fast as light can take her holding on to her dear life hoping she does not fall, but Light Year Man would never allow that to happen.

It is mid-morning and the 3 flyers and the Human finally land in the forest somewhere near the mountains of an island. Light Year Man tells Regina “This is where we all fight. I want you to follow our leads and take this object.” He hands her a sword which feels very heavy at first, but then becomes her.

Matzyaphugel is in his thrown down by the mountain inside a cave. He is waiting for his Light Year Man to approach to begin the war. Matzyaphugel looks old and weak, but as powerful and alive as any other. He begins to fly around his cave as if he is excited to finally end the good of Light Year Man and his army.

Light Year Man walks through the woods with his pals and the Regina as they approach a cave. There is a sign on the cave which reads:

Enter if you must, but be prepared for the beast!

(Part II and Epilogue to come…more posts as well. I hope you enjoyed the story I have been telling for a long time which finally ends.)


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  1. demetri alexander

    Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!

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