Gregarious Revolution Episode 10 Dare to lie in the ocean

(I know it has been a while since the last episode, but for a recap, just go to the FICTION section of the website first)

Regina sat on the edge of the beach leading to the forest, when Light Year Man was ready to take his water suit in to the ocean to find his friend at the bottom. He knew it was going to be a long cold journey so he ordered to use a submarine from his planet which he found in a cave not too far from the beach. Regina began crying. Flash Forward and Light Year Man were situated pushing the submarine in to the water. The plan is once they find their friend, to take him back up to the top of the ocean and motor back to land. Light Year Man’s goal is that this is the only way to defeat the evil ones.

The submarine dives down in to the water finally search of their friend who has been buried down there for centuries. Light Year Man is manning the submarine the whole way so there will not be any problems. Regina is talking to to Flash Forward about the situation and how long it will take to get down and back.

The submarine is about 7,000 meters down the ocean not even near the area where there friend is, when they discover something in hitting their submarine. Light Year Man sees a figure in plain view swimming around the submarine. At first he is not sure what it could be, but then he recognizes his buddy who has not seen in centuries. It looks like he adapted to the ocean. When Light Year Man entraps his friend with a wrapping device and starts pulling him near to the submarine, his friend gets a bit feisty.

When the friend finally enters in to the submarine, his body changes quickly like a transformer.
Light Year Man watches and notices his buddy turn in to the warrior he remembered seeing years ago. Light Year Man and Flash Forward yell out “there you go our friend Spirit “Love”.

Regina asks Light Year Man what is his friend’s name?”

Light Year Man replies “ask him.”

Regina asks his friend “What is your name?”

The warrior coming out of its shell says firmly, “Why? My name is Stupendous Spirit.”

And so Light Year Man, Flash Forward, and Stupendous Spirit, and Regina take the lonely submarine traveling back to the surface ready to fight the evil ones.

(Gregarious Revolution is just about to begin. Other posts ready to come soon…)


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