Funny how this world works in strange ways

It is funny how this world works in strange ways. You don’t know who really cares about you until really tragic things happen. It does not mean life is negative, it is always a positive experience. When someone really cares about you, you notice the people who want to see how you are doing.

I will keep every one updated on how I am doing and what is going on with the surgery.

You might be getting posts not be me in the hospital by my webmaster or my family.

Be well and wish me luck!!

I know I will be just fine and bounce back as quick as I can.


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One thought on “Funny how this world works in strange ways

  1. LinZ

    I can definitely relate to what you’ve been experiencing as far as the pleasant surprise one discovers of the amount of love and support he/she really has when going through something tragic. When I went through a serious health issue several years ago, I was amazed by the number of people who reached out to extend their support and love.

    As much as this can happen in serious experiences in life, this can also happen when something big and positive happens. We may get surprised by the number of people who extend their support for our achievements.