Free Vein Screening where I work on February 4

People may not understand reasons why things happen, but I feel everything does happen for a reason. There is a reason why we meet certain people in our lives. Sometimes we don’t know it at the time, but some things are meant to be.  G-d intends for us to be with certain people for a reason in certain situations to help us achieve things we want to do.

I feel there is a reason why I am where I am right now. I work for a Interventional Cardiologist who I have been working for nearly 4 years. If you want to find out more about his practice and what he does, check out Dr. Adam Y. Goldman on the internet.

All of you who saw the This Emotional Life series were probably wondering who Dr. Goldman was when I mentioned his name on the show, I figured I just tell every body more about him.

He and I work together to help patients with whatever cardiac or vascular disease they may have.  We work together as a team to make patients feel better.  After I perform the scanning, we work together to formulate a diagnosis for every patient.  From my scans, he diagnoses patients. Many patients like coming to see us because of the high quality patient care we give them.

On Thursday evening February 4, we will be having a Free Vein Screening at the office in Yonkers, New York to see whether people have Superficial Venous Reflux of the lower extremities which would require some kind of intervention.  You can read about varicose veins and the problems it can cause on DMC archive when you search for varicose veins. You can contact the office I work at from Dr. Goldman’s website for more information. If you live anywhere  in New York, drop by next month. If you just want to see me at work that night, you can stop by to see me scanning in action to cheer me on.

So, come on!! If you have varicose veins and problems with your legs, check out my boss’ site, and stop by the office in Yonkers on February 4.

Anyway, I hope every one who needs a scan  of their legs can make it that day or you can just cheer me on…

posting soon enough,


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