In honor of Autistic Pride Day – June 18th, I am having a contest!

Please email me your writings and/or art and I will post it on my site for Autistic Pride Day, June 18.

June 18th is Autistic Pride Day, and I am going to hold a contest in it’s honor. To enter the contest, you must submit a story, writing or artwork that you yourself worked on. You also must be a person on the autism spectrum.

This is a good chance for any of you out there on the Autism Spectrum to get noticed about your art and/or writing. For writing, it can be a poem, prose, or a section of your fiction you’d like to sample. For Artwork, you can please scan the art in to the computer and email me whatever you want sampled from your work.

If you are submitting a work of writing, make sure it is a poem, prose or a selection of your writing. If you plan to submit artwork, send the image. Be sure to include your name and contact information!

The purpose of this contest is to showcase people on the Autistic Spectrum who do not usually get to have their work displayed.

To enter the contest, please email your work to The deadline for submission will be Friday June 11th 2010, at 11:59pm. Please submit only 2 works per person and i will choose what i think is the best bunch and will post them on my site for many people to see!

Thanks for all of your continued support and it makes me happy that I have a chance to help others on the Spectrum.

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6 thoughts on “In honor of Autistic Pride Day – June 18th, I am having a contest!

  1. Petula

    I just happened to surf pass a show on GPB and there was a section featuring you so I looked up your blog and came by to say hello. Fabulous work on the blog and it was cool learning a little about you and your job.

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