First and formost, society coincides with coincidence

Things happen for a reason!! No matter where you go, no matter what you do, coincidences make up our lives. Some people say you were damn lucky for surviving that could’ve or would’ve been tragedy. I say that you were meant to survive so as to do something wonderful with your life.

For example, I am still here for a reason. I have had many second chances because I have to do something really good for the world, healing the world. I can do it! No matter what the circumstance or the situation, I can show the world always with great motivation any one can succeed.

I may have my faults like any body else does, but that only makes us human. Human beings are not perfect. Today I went to write my book, but I noticed I don’t have full stamina to keep the words flowing for a book. Eventually I got tired and fell asleep. I got some material done which is a bit of an accomplishment, but its all rough draft. Sometimes I have to remind myself I just had major surgery. Wow, it takes a mouthful to say that!

Anyway, I am doing well now and always remember the power of the force lies in you. You can use it wisely or you can use your emotions with the force. Mind control is very important so that we don’t over exert our emotions with the force. The positive (JEDI) force from Star Wars is true to us. Otherwise we could potentially be weakened and feel like Vader (Star Wars).

As you can tell I admire Star Wars and Harry Potter a lot.


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