Finishing off from where we started from being born and beyond

The start for today is going beyond. Before we are born, a quest begins in the stars, in heaven, and beyond. When we are chosen for a mission, to start us with, we assemble our stepping stones. Many follow the orders, but many don’t even realize what they are doing. Guidance secures us for awhile from birth to realize every thing which we need to do, hopefully no body needs to find it on their own. Unfortunately most people do need to find it on their own without other people’s help.

Sometimes our lives take a necessary hit in the forehead to see what we need to do. Finding and planning a strategy does not always help, but its golden to remember every thing you need to do from the beginning being in the beyond. A path to having value in this world is very hard for me to do, but probably even harder for many other people including other Autistics.

The first thing a person needs to tell themselves is “I do have value in this world” and keep on saying it till they are blue in the face. At first you may cry, at second you may want to crawl in to a hole, but in the end you will feel good. Every one’s value for this world is different no matter who the person is. Every one can not do everything. We can try to do everything, but we are defeating the purpose of where our skills lie. If we do, do everything, then we can lose touch of who we are as a person if we are not meant to do certain things. We need to perform our skill at our very best because some day the rewards will follow.

A skill develops when we are a child and we should practice this skill to be the best. Instead a lot people when they are a child decide to focus on other more social activities. Some people say human beings are a social society. Emotions and social activities are a big part of Neurotypical society. It is why Autistics feel the need to be social as well when we don’t have the social parts like Neurotypicals do. Loneliness is a feeling of a person who needs other people around them, but some people say they rarely feel lonely. A lot of Autistic individuals feel that since they are struggling so much trying to get through a one on one conversation with a person, they rather be alone in solitude. I question their statements of wanting to be solely in solitude with nature because there are times we can’t possibly be alone. Yes, I enjoy my solitude, but I also sometimes need to be with people too to share a conversation. Being in the medical field, I have been having many conversations because I observed from the beginning the need patients and healthcare workers had in common, the need for dialogue. Many patients need to have the sense of comfort in conversation so I forced myself to start talking to people like patients and other healthcare workers which did not come naturally to me.

Speaking of skills and development my life has entered in to a new realm. I am beginning to recognize my talent when I draw. I sit back in the distance on a grassy area and I draw. I did draw many things when I was a toddler and a child, but I did not make anything of it. I have not shown any of my drawings on this site yet, but as soon as I figure it out, I will. Someone once told me recently drawing is a great hobby where I can earn extra, but my work is in Ultrasound. I have a highly skilled talent already where people consider me the best, but I tell them “I am one of the best.” I guess I am one special soul because I am a crystal aura (from a book I read and discovered about myself).

Time goes by
to the errors we live in,
by the shadows of our
creative minds
in a era of a changing

An angel only comes in a time when you need one, but some people always have one from the beginning for guidance. When you feel you are down, just sit down in a quiet area and pray silently to yourself until you notice a world of change given to you. Sometimes we just have to let go of things in order to move forward.
(Light Year Man and Flash Forward coming again this weekend in the novel series on this site, Gregarious Revolution)

Have a great day,


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