Finding yourself and discovering what you need to do out of life

Many people don’t realize what and who they are. We always know when we are younger what we are in the deep root of our life aura, but it seems life experience delivers us negative energies to quarrel with. When we are younger, we either have the inner strength to defeat it or we bottle it up inside creating a red overlay of fear. As the fear fills up our life continuously the anger builds which leads us to bursts of outrage. The outrage could be long or short, deep rooted or short lived. In the end, we need to let go of it and move forward.

We are all born with a certain aura which always surrounds us in our life; some are blue, some are green, some are tan…, but these auras help us fulfill our missions. A clear aura called a crystal is very rare and very old. Most people do not have a crystal aura. When reading through a book I saw in the bookstore about auras, I realize my own personal aura is crystal. I am clear as a crystal.

When reading through the chapter about my aura, I read crystals are healers. It amazes me some of things I find out about myself. I do have talents which most people know about and some people never knew. Sometimes I or any one else have talents which seem repressed for a long time.

I further read the chapter and discovered crystals also can change colors to match the person they are connecting with at that time. Crystals can be fragile as well. I learned in order to release myself from any negative energy absorption, I need quiet meditation in solitude. It is important to maintain my stability. I can develop many health problems in my life if I don’t. I think back to my past when I had my surgery on my pancreas and realize it must be true how I can be fragile.

People are distinct and unique. Every one experiences life differently and has different abilities. Some people are healers, some people are helpers, some people are actors, others may have even greater gifts. If we just learn to fulfill ourselves more, we can all be noble and positive. some people can be great leaders like President Obama.

As I try to listen, but most importantly observe people with my eyes, I see much fear. A question I asked someone recently is, Can you change someone who is all evil to the Jedi Light Way of Positivity??? I believe it is very difficult for someone who has such bitter past experiences to stop to think about a change to move forward. I know too many people who are bullies and I have read too many stories about evil persons lurking in the world. Discover who you can be and learn to move forward.

By the way, Congratulations President Obama and the United State of America Government on a remarkable feat voted in to law: HEALTHCARE CHANGES NOW!

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