Difficult situations we get ourselves in to sometimes

In many ways we get ourselves in to difficult situations which are very hard to take ourselves away from. Sometimes we don’t know what we are getting ourselves in to when we sign up for something because we either just don’t know or are thinking irrational. We have to know our limitations, but we need people to be patient enough till we can understand what we are needed to actually do. I just wonder why we all can get ourselves in to difficult situations with impatient people which we really feel we can’t get out.

Sometimes I feel these difficult situations come to us to help teach us a lesson which we need to move on with and/or are tested on. The test will show if we can actually do something which is meant for us. The possibilities are endless when we can take our time with a very patient person to learn how to do something, anything. In return, an impossibility turns in to something possible.

A sunny day after a few days of rain, brings a sense of renewal and a new era in all of us. The Sun shines bright today and whoever reads my statement I am about to tell all of you today, will shine brighter today. Discover your potential for a bright future and know you are here to learn as much as you can with whatever passion you have.

The difficult situation(s) you and I are possibly in right now can end and another door opens soon to the reward(s) we know in our heart we will receive.

More to come for Gregarious Revolution story soon…

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One thought on “Difficult situations we get ourselves in to sometimes

  1. Patty

    I think that the timing of this today was very destined for me as I buried my father yesterday. I lost my mom in 1987 and seeing both of them together has hit my heart so hard it physically hurts.

    The one thing I learned the most about this situation was that in any type of difficulty, I can step up to the proverbial plate and I can do whatever is needed, however it is needed, and do so with love. Both of my parents suffered so much in their deaths, but I learned more about the kind of person I am inside.

    Thank you for always sharing YOU. I find it incredibly honest and it always makes me think — or smile. But today your thoughts were meant for me to read. I do believe in divine intervention and never ignore these events.